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Parents will remember the family area at Pride this year attracted more attention than usual, as a succession of six footers crouched in stilettos and leafed through the latest in children’s literature…

By James Higgins - Bristol 24/7


Exclusive: Why drag queens want to read to primary pupils

Drag-queen storytellers are hoping to go into Bristol primary schools to add some sparkle to lessons – and overcome a few ingrained social prejudices to boot.

By Adi Bloom - TES


Bristol Drag Queen Sally Savage is used to rowdy audiences, but the children sat in rows on the floor in front of the stage were particularly demanding…

By Hannah Vickers - The Bristol Cable


This is why drag queens are reading stories to children across the country

When you think about drag queens, you would probably imagine them in a club or on a certain TV show.

But one group of queens are getting together for a rather different cause: teaching children…

Screenshot 2018-10-05 at 20.02.56.png

‘Diversity should be celebrated’: London drag queen leads children’s story time in Islington

A RENOWNED London drag queen who read to children in Islington said it is important to teach youngsters about diversity from an early age…

By Biba Kang - Islington Tribune