Previous Events

World Book Day - Parson Street Primary School

Drag Queen Story Time had the honour of performing with Parson Street Primary School as part of their World Book Day celebrations. Alyssa Van Delle and Sally Savage brought a drag twist to classic storytelling. 

Supported by Mr Barry, our World Book Day performance was a great success. We even made it onto ITV’s This Morning.


Swindon Central Library

Drag Queen Story Time has worked with a number of library groups all across the country. The project started out touring Bristol Libraries, back in 2017, and since then have had the honour of performing a variety of shows in conjunction with local councils, parent groups and community centres.

This drawing, from our Swindon Library performance, was created by one of the young girls who assisted the library with putting on the event.


Our Kids Social - Manchester

Working in partnership with a local parents group, Our Kids Social, and Manchester Pride, Drag Queen Story Time performed to a sold out audience in Manchester, as part of their Christmas events.

DQST is always looking to partner with local groups, to help raise awareness of local issues and to engage with the local communities wherever we are able.


Arnolfini - Grayson Perry Exhibition

Drag Queen Story Time has made connections with a number of Cultural Centres and Community Groups across the country. As a result we have participated in a number of events that highlight the culture and artistic talents of various groups and individuals across the country.

Working with the Arnolfini Centre, Bristol, DQST performed an ad-lib show for a private audience to celebrate the opening of Grayson Perry’s ‘Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever’. Using the art work as story pieces Alyssa and Sally helped introduce a group of young children to the world of Art, through the art of Drag.


Shambala and greenbelt festivals

This Summer Drag Queen Story Time partnered with both Shambala Festival and Greenbelt to bring some family fun to these renowned festivals.

Playing to sold out crowds, surrounded by artists and groups who are at the top of their game, DQST brought storytelling to life. As a result DQST is partnering with Shambala once again this November as part of KIN, to bring a whole new festival and exploration of ideas to the Bristol area.


Autistic inclusive meets community group aim

Drag Queen Story Time partnered with AIM to celebrate Autistic Pride and inclusivity.

Aida H Dee, the hyperactive Drag Queen, joined AIM in London for an afternoon of games, arts and crafts, and storytelling fun. An inclusive storytelling afternoon that celebrated the diversity and uniqueness of us all, filled with laughter.